Mixed Breeds

Mixed Breed DogWhile purebred dogs are great, especially for those who like to show their dogs professionally, mixed breeds are common family dogs, and with good reason. Often available at rescue shelters (which isn’t so good), mixed breeds are known for being kind, grateful to be part of your home and family, and often have great health profiles, too. While getting a mixed breed is always a mixed bag — see what we did there? — you can find no shortage of options, both as far as their activity level, preferences for adults versus kids, and even their overall personality.
Aside from your classic mutts, you can also get hybrid mixed dogs. For example, Auggies, Aussidoodles, Chabrador, Larabull, and so-on. These are monitored closely by experienced breeders and are designed to give you an entirely unique pup, both in terms of their aesthetics, but also their best parent breed features in personalities and overall health.
Age ranges from 8-12+ years depending on what the breed is and its combination. Diverse, refreshing, and totally unique when you’re looking for a fun dog-owning experience, a mixed breed pup could just be the thing for you and your family to enjoy the most!

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