MalteseYou know that image of a flowing mane of hair and prancing feet? That’s a Maltese in action! These elegant toy dogs are small, friendly, and characterized by their pure white flowing fur. Whether it’s kept short or allowed to grow long, these dogs are pure white, graceful dogs in movements and looks.
Small, they require only a small amount of living space, making them great for those who have apartments or small houses. They require only 30 minutes of exercise a day and this can be done inside by throwing a ball around for a bit. They make great companions for seniors or single adults because they are relatively low maintenance as far as their exercise needs.
They do require a lot of focus on grooming, however. Professional grooming is essential, and grooming at home is also recommended as they often require daily grooming, especially with long fur. This also helps keep tear stains to a minimum.
Living long lives, these are wonderful family dogs due to their ease of care and their tendency to be excitable, smart, and sweet-tempered dogs that are easily portable, too.

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