Great Danes

Great DanesThese are distinctive dogs and are easily recognized by their markings of a dark snout and tan coat, and massive size. While they are considered to be working dogs, they are actually descendants of hunting dogs and there are still some who will classify them as hounds because of this. Great Danes are especially large, but they are very muscular, lean, elegant, and strong. They can run impressively fast and love to do so.
Their build is heavy in muscle, so they must have more than 2 hours of exercise a day. They prefer to live in the country, but they can live in a city, too, as long as they have designated space (and lots of it) to play. This can be either in a yard, a dog park, or anywhere else where they can really play and run.
Their fur is short and only needs to be groomed about once a week. They do shed, but because their fur is so short, it is often easy to care for.
These dogs are known for being a “heartbreak breed” because they live under 10 years and often die younger. This is due to the large size and the correlation between size and a shorter life span.

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