Golden Retrievers

Golden RetrieversGolden Retrievers are one of the most notable and famous dog breeds for those that are looking for a quintessential family dog. Loveable and friendly, these dogs are smart and confident when they are used both professionally and on a personal basis. Professionally, these are popular service dogs. Personally, they are known for being great family dogs, especially in watching over children.

These large dogs have a standard coat, though it can vary in terms of being cream or gold, or even a blend of both. These medium-haired dogs require grooming more than once a week and are known for being serious shedders, particularly when blowing their coats.

Since these are large dogs, they will require a large house and a large garden or property where they can roam, run and play. They require at least 2 hours of exercise every day and are great walkers. They also love playing with kids, so a lot of times, designated playtime with little ones will help get some of their energy out. They live over 10 years and are loveable and friendly dogs with children, seniors, and other pets, too. They can even be great guard dogs with proper training.

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