German Shepherds

German ShepherdsGerman Shepherds have an interesting history as far as their use. While they were originally a herding dog — as you could probably guess from the name — German Shepherds have been used in world wars, as guard dogs, and even as service dogs for those who are blind, etc. Smart and courageous, these are also popular family dogs because they are so protective of their favorite humans. Both professionally and on a personal level, German Shepherds are well-loved and respected for their scope and breadth.
With short and long coats both, German Shepherds require regular groping and are known to shed. A large dog breed, they still have relatively long lifespans at about 10 years. They enjoy city and country life but do have to be exercised at least 2 hours per day, often making country life easier. They prefer larger homes where they can move freely and patrol.
Intelligent, people-oriented, and driven when they are trained properly, German Shepherds are great dog breeds that are great additions to a family home or even to those who are looking for a reliable guard dog for their own protection.

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