DachshundsA well-loved breed in many of its forms, there are all sorts of dachshunds that you can choose from. The most popular is probably the smooth-haired one. However, there are wiry-haired ones and plenty of beautiful coat patterns to choose from, both short- and long-haired. Regardless of fur type and length, dachshunds do often have to be professionally groomed at least once a week in order to keep them looking prim and proper.
As a breed in general, they live long lives. They often will live over 12 years when kept in good health. Known for their graceful bodies and short legs, dachshunds don’t require much exercise. Both small and medium dachshunds should exercise up to 1 hour a day. They are happy in a small house either in the city or the country.
Bred as tracking dogs, miniature, small and medium dachshunds can often be found with their nose to the ground and exploring the sights. You’ll find that most dachshunds freely enjoy walking in new environments just so that they can explore the new scents. These are popular dogs for adults and seniors who enjoy short walks.

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