BeaglesBeagles are considered small dogs and they are wonderful dogs for those who have a small home with limited space. They do well in both country and city spaces, though living in the city means that they won’t get as much of an opportunity to explore using their nose, which they were bred to do, originally.

Beagles are easy to take care of, for the most part. They require up to an hour of exercise each day and their short fur is easy to care for and groom. While beagles do shed, you’ll find that their short fur is easy to clean up. They have long lives, often living to reach 12 years old. These are beautiful dogs and can be great companions when looking for dogs that are just the right blend of couch potatoes and active. Pack hounds by nature, beagles love to be with their favorite humans!

You can either explore these in their native small size, or even as a pocket-size for those that are looking for an especially small dog. Distinctive and well-loved for their baying, these dogs are popular with families and do well with kids!

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